To avoid tiredness and headache, frequent ventilation is recommended. In same time, it is important to remember that heating and cooling consumes a huge proportion of energy in any building. To prevent wasting it, it is important to use modern technology to recuperate heat or at least optimize the amount of air movement, to reduce the unvented heat exchange. No matter which way you wish to control your ventilation, mechanical or natural way, we can optimize it for you to waste as little as possible.

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Natural ventilation control

When we say natural ventilation, we mean opening the windows, doors and so on. There is no mechanical force applied to move the air around, the wind and the temperature difference make the job for you. This means that we save a energy and by that we reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To control the natural ventilation with our system it is expected to have an already built automatized window opening mechanism, otherwise we could help to find a company to upgrade your existing system. After the system is ready to control it, we can set it up, so you will be able to control via our Cleverhouse app on your phone and online surface on your computer.

By using our system, you will be able to remote open and close the window or set an automatic program, to do itself in a predefined frequency. In same time if there is a heat control connected to the system, the program will automatically turn of the heating or cooling to reduce the heat lost.

Mechanical ventilation control

Within the mechanical ventilation control you can choose simple solution, using only simple ventilators, or apply complex solution such as heat pump or air-condition unit to have the ability to gain back the heat lost during ventilation. Both of these solutions however can be wirelessly connected to your humidity, CO2 and temperature sensors to optimize the room temperature or vent if high level of CO2 Is detected.

You can easily preset the vents on your Cleverhouse App to automatically turn on if one of the sensors detect too low or too high levels of CO2 or fresh air. You can choose between one-time event or weekly programs. Reduce the risk of mold appearing by setting the app to circulate the air for example every day for an hour. Feel free to control your vents manually as well, to adopt the settings to your actual needs.

Control with App and computer via Internet

To make it easy and comfortable, you can gain access to our system via our Cleverhouse app on your phone or by using the online platform on your computer.

Functions of ventilation control with the Cleverhouse app:

Weather station function. Protect your home automatically against storms and rain with the help of wind and rain sensors.

Program-controlled ventilation tuned with humidity, CO2 and temperature sensors.

Automatic energy saving function that turns the heating off when windows are open.

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