When you leave your property, you should never again worry about what happens while you are away. With our security system you will be always informed if something happens, which gives you freedom to enjoy your moment. When the motion detector raise an alarm, you will be immediately informed and our system will send a security footage to you captured from your camera system.

Feel safe and be updated!

Receive alarm notifications

Stop worrying about problems, we take care of your precious things. You can relax and enjoy what you do and when it comes to happen, we will send you alarm notifications when someone enters your home. This function serves not only for notifying you when an unwanted visitor enters your house, but also can be used for getting notified if someone from your family arrives home.

Footage from your camera system

When something happens, upon the notification message there is an option to mount a security camera as well and record footage when the system sense some suspicious movements. You can access the footage as soon as the camera starts recording suspicious movements. Recordings will be stored in the cloud which gives you unlimited space and added peace of mind.

Control with App and computer via Internet

As everything, the Alarm system is present in our Cleverhouse App to have a precise idea what is happening in your house and being able to react on unwanted situations.

Functions of the alarm control with the Cleverhouse app:

Turn the alarm on/off.

Check notifications and the footage from the camera.

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