Light control

Change your lighting ambience with just a touch of your fingers. Try our light control system to explore the endless possibilities of light pre-sets directly controlled from your phone. Control individual or multiple light sources, create multiple scenes with different light moods. Automate your home to reduced energy consumption. Achieve longer lamp life with dimming and switching off lights when not in use. We guarantee, you will love it.

Let's make it simple easy and fun!

Ultimate wireless control option

While wired system is tipically applied in newly built houses because of time and energy consuming wiering processes, wireless system provides benefits in upgrading already existing system, with reduced installation costs and increased flexibility over where switches and sensors may be placed.

You can update your old light control system to wireless control without changing the switches. Add extra wireless switches to have multiple light control in a room. With the smart learning function the sensors learn the parameters of the room resulting in continuous and problem-free operations.

PIR and motion sensor automatization

Feel free to choose PIR and motion sensor automatization. These devices will only turn up the lights if a room gets dark enough and motion is detected. You can change their position whenever and wherever you would like – they come with an enclosure for surface mounting which means unlimited flexibility. The sophisticated design ensures that they will fit in with the design of your room.

Control with App and PC via Internet

You can control your home with the Cleverhouse app from your phone without having to worry about your distance. In case you forgot to take your phone with you, or simply prefer to use your PC for such tasks, the app also works from a website. The Cleverhouse app is available in multiple languages. Using it does not interfere with your general internet connection.

Functions of light control with the Cleverhouse App:

Feel free to choose between manual / sensor controlled / programmed light control.

Make your home appear occupied even when you reside somewhere else.

Control multiple lamps simultaneously with just one button.

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