Heat Control

Our products not only help reducing costs but also monitors all functions within your home, from electricity to the alert system. The Softcontrol Home Platform reinvents the concept of a house, making it a smart, wireless communicating system.

Trained installers will set up the Softcontrol Home Platform so you can rest at ease that all will be controlled accurately and according to your desires. The system connects all your devices and technologies within your home to create a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

We have flexible solutions for you!

Support for all types of heating systems

Reduce waste by eliminating the need to change different products for different variations. Be it central- or electric heating, our heat control system is compatible with all types of heating systems to help you save energy and money in all fields. You can easily control your heat pumps and actuators right from the Cleverhouse app on your mobile or from your PC, no matter the distance. The same method is used for solar heating. Turn it off while you are away, and turn it back on when heading home, to arrive into a perfectly warmed up climate in your house.

This feature ensures that your home will not get frozen during winter months, even if you reside at another place for a longer period of time. You will receive notifications should the temperature drop below a certain point.

Both wired and wireless option

It is up to you to decide which solution you prefer in your home. Softcontrol provides you both wired and wireless heat control. What does it mean? It means the thermostat can be supplied by continuous and standard 230V current to ensure they would only lose power in case of an electric blackout. This solution is a bit safer however more fixed and costlier as new wires are required for the installment.

Or it can be a wireless thermostat and actuator operating under EnOcean protocols which only requires solar power to keep functioning. These can be equipped with additional battery to eliminate supply problems. With the wireless solution, you save 15% of cost on new constructions, 70% of cost of retrofits, 40% of costs because of energy saving. You also benefit from unlimited flexibility.

Control with App and PC via Internet

You can control your home with the Cleverhouse app from your phone anywhere in the world. However, should you not have your phone with you, or simply prefer to use your PC for such tasks, the app also works from a website. The app is available in multiple languages. Using it does not interfere with your general internet connection.


Check and set the temperature for each room

Design weekly program, one-time event or different schedules that fit your needs

Turning heating off automatically any time a window is opened.

Storing temperature data which later can be used for finetuning

Multi lingual support (English / Danish / German / Norwegian)

Are you ready to be cosy and save some money? Our colleagues are always ready to help you!