Green energy monitoring

Green thinking is more and more popular. Not only is it nice to take care about the nature, but in same time you can be your own energy producer. This means that in long term you are going to save a fair amount of money. By installing your own power plant, you ensure a continuous energy supply. However, you definitely don’t want to come to the realization that your system was shut down the last few weeks due to a technical failure. At least you would like to get a notification about it. This is where the Cleverhouse App can help you.

So how can we help to you?

Green energy production metering

Are you producing renewable energy? It is a good idea to have some sort of energy monitoring system and energy management. Keep track of your production online or by the Cleverhouse App. The smart energy management allows you to optimize your home to the utmost degree, resulting in cost saving and a peace of mind.

System Failur detection with alarm

Our system offers statistics and these can be a great tool to detect big drops in the production. Upon the statistics, there is a monitoring system for the hardware. This alerts you by sending alarm messages when the system detects failure.

Monitor it with App and computer via Internet

Functions of the Green energy production metering in the Cleverhouse App:

Monitoring the usage

Statistics to detect failure

Alarm message when the system detects failure.

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