Consumption metering

Use the Cleverhouse app to monitor your consumption to save even more energy. Keep track of all types of consumption on your app and online too – electricity / water / heating. Check your consumption history to learn when you use the most energy and how you can save even more. Optimize your smart home to save even more costs. By using the gathered statistics, you can easily detect possible failures, should they happen.

What can you get out of this?

Water, electricity and gas usage metering

Keep an eye on your rental weekend house or apartment not only through security cameras but also by monitoring its consumption. It is especially useful for those who are renting out their summerhouse. They can easily check the before and after status via Cleverhouse app.

Failure detection from the statistics

Checking the data will help you rest at ease that there are no defects in these dwellings and your guest will enjoy their time to the highest degree.

Monitor it with Cleverhouse App and computer via Internet

Functions of the consumption mettering in the Cleverhouse app:

Always up to date information about the consumption

Statistics to have an overview over the long term consumption that may help with possible failure detection.

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